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The Travel Blanket That Covers You From Head To Toe

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What Makes Smart Blanket So Smart?

Smart Blanket Features


Slip-On, Wearable Design

Stays in place, seated or in-motion

Blanket Front Pocket

Keeps easy to reach items

Privacy Hood

Blocks light, with ventilation opening

Detachable Foot Warmer

Doubles as a blanket pouch

Secured Pouch

Stores important items

Easy Portability

Pouch strap fits on luggage handle

Packs in Seconds

Rolls back into the blanket pouch

Use it as a Pillow

For sleep, neck or lumbar support

The Travel Smart Blanket is tailor-made for the frequent traveler with a focus on comfort, functionality and usability.

This luxury wearable blanket can be stored on the handle of your carry-on luggage and for added convenience, it has a Velcro closing pocket for securely storing frequently needed items, such as your passport, ticket, phone, iPad, snacks, and more.

Travel Blanket Uses

The Organized Travel Blanket

Don’t Forget the Airplane Tray Cover!

Airline trays are quite unsanitary, so cover up your airline tray! Stay clean, germ free, and healthy!!

Easy on, and easy off: Just slip over the tray table.

Wearable Blanket for Dogs

The NEW Doggie Smart Blanket is available now! This blanket is the perfect gift for our perfect pups this holiday season! Once your buddy is decked out in their new Smart Blanket, good luck getting them to give it up! 🐶

Use it Anywhere!

Customer Reviews

    9/26/2017 by Alan
    She uses it almost daily (she runs cold, even in summer with A/C on). She loves to snuggle up in this and read or watch TV. In fact, I just ordered her another one so she can wash the first one.

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