The Best Blanket with Arm Holes, Foot Pouch, Hole for Head, Sleeves and Hood on the Market

Wearable blankets are a type of blanket that have arm holes, and sometimes have a hole for the head. This allows the wearer to keep the blanket in place while moving around. Basic wearable travel blankets may be limited to just two holes to slip your arms into, but higher-quality versions will have many more features, such as sleeves, a foot pouch, or hood. The Smart Blanket is unique that it has all of this and more.

The Smart Blanket is more than a blanket with arm holes, it has openings for your head, and is designed and fitted to look less like a blanket, but more like a fashionable clothing accessory. It can be folded into a removable pouch that can be worn as a foot warmer, removed entirely when not needed by detaching the Velcro strip, and simply wrapped up as a pillow when packed closed. When folded the pouch reveals a built in strap that easily attaches to luggage, or can be carried as a shoulder strap. The Smart Blanket is available in two different sizes and two different colors.

What’s so Great about a Blanket with a Foot Pouch?

To put it simply, our feet help keep us warm. Too cold or too hot can impact our entire body temperature and comfort level. This can be a pretty big nuisance while traveling; not everyone can or wants to bring slippers with them. Nobody needs yet another item to lug around while traveling. That’s why it’s so beneficial if one of the items you travel with can do more than just one thing.

Using a travel blanket with a foot pouch means cold toes are a thing of the past. They are useful for home use, and on the go, but don’t let them trip you up when you’re in a hurry. A detachable foot pouch prevents any concerns with one getting in the way. By having the option to easily remove and reattach a pouch, it is easy to keep our limbs comfortable at all times.

Otago University physical education professor Jim Cotter revealed some of the science behind how our feet help us regulate our body temperature, “The feet are ideally suited to helping us keep a stable body temperature, for a few reasons.

They – like the hands – have a large surface area as well as specialized blood vessels which can be opened up to pass high volumes of blood through them and therefore offload heat quickly when required.”

Hoods, Sleeves, and Pockets, Oh My!

It’s easy to see why a foot pouch is ‘handy’ but what about our hands? And even more importantly, our head? Only the best of the best will be a blanket with sleeves and hood as well. The Smart Blanket has a built in hood that rests attractively on the front of the wearer when not in use. This not only makes it more comfortable when sitting and laying down, but it creates a fashionable cowl neckline, which dramatically enhances the appearance of this luxury travel accessory. Since the hood covers from front to back, a ventilation slit has been added, so you can breathe easy in the privacy of your own blanketed world.

To keep your hands warm, the Smart Blanket not only has sleeves, but also has a large front pocket, that doubles as a hand-warmer and a convenient storage pouch for your favorite traveling items, like your phone, tablet, headphones, snacks and drinks.

It’s Time to Travel Comfortably!

Finally, a wearable blanket with the all the features you want, and it’s stylish to wear in public! Smart Blanket is the best solution for travelers and homebodies alike seeking the best comfort providing products on the market. Proudly made in Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA. Read our FAQ for more details, visit the shop, or contact us online to learn more.