The Best Blanket with Arm Holes, Foot Pouch, Hole for Head, Sleeves and Hood on the Market

Wearable blankets are a type of blanket that have arm holes, and sometimes have a hole for the head. This allows the wearer to keep the blanket in place while moving around. Basic wearable travel blankets may be limited to just two holes to slip your arms into, but higher-quality versions will have many more features, such as sleeves, a foot pouch, or hood. The Smart Blanket is unique that it has all of this and more. Continue reading “blanket-with-arm-holes-foot-pouch-hole-for-head-sleeves-and-hood”

Luxury Travel Blankets for Professional Business Travelers

Luxury Travel Blankets for Professional Business Travelers

Why invest in a luxury travel blanket, and what makes one luxurious? The smarter blankets have good features, and look good too. Finding a blanket that is warm but not cumbersome, easy to pack and easy to un-pack, is what makes a great travel blanket. Continue reading “Luxury Travel Blankets for Professional Business Travelers”

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