Luxury Travel Blankets for Professional Business Travelers

Why invest in a luxury travel blanket, and what makes one luxurious? The smarter blankets have good features, and look good too. Finding a blanket that is warm but not cumbersome, easy to pack and easy to un-pack, is what makes a great travel blanket.

Luxury Travel Blanket

It’s easy to consider the cheap wearable blankets on the market, but they are often too thin, awkward to travel with, and lose their softness after the first few washes. Frequent fliers and business travelers don’t have time to waste on low-quality blankets such as these. This is why it is beneficial to invest in a higher-quality, luxury travel blanket. A blanket that is machine washable, but durable to maintain it’s integrity. A blanket that is thick enough to be warm, but thin enough to make compact for travelling. The Smart Blanket is the one and only luxury travel blanket that not only meets these standards, but excels beyond them.

The Smart Blanket can be folded into a detachable pouch that doubles as a foot warmer when open, and a pillow when packed closed. The closed pouch has a built in strap that is great for attaching to luggage, or can be used as a shoulder strap and carried like a bag. It comes in two different sizes and two different colors to suit any travelers needs and style.

Beyond these functions, this travel blanket has pockets galore with a Velcro seal, which is great for safely stowing cellphones, tablets, snacks, and other handy travel accessories. While wearing the Smart Blanket, a privacy hood with ventilation slit can be extended over the head to block out light. This feature alone can turn an annoying plane ride into a peaceful one.

Luxurious and Fashionable

The problem with many wearable blankets is that they are not attractive enough to wear in public, which significantly decreases their usability and overall value. Sure, that as-seen-on-TV wearable blanket you bought was ten bucks, but where is it sitting now? In the back of your closet never getting used? That’s ten dollars poorly spent. But invest a bit more in a nice looking wearable blanket, and now you’ll bring it with you everywhere! Use it for car rides, to the movie theater, the office, or anywhere, because you won’t be embarrassed by your style! The Smart Blanket is tailored to fit more like a long sweater or shawl, with a fashion-forward, cowl neckline, so you can feel comfortable while remaining in style!

Find the Right Luxury Travel Blankets for You or a Loved One Today!

You may find all the best in luxury travel blankets right here in our shop, where you will also see our line of travel clothes, designed with comfort in mind. Finally, a travel blanket you will be proud to wear out in public! Smart Blanket is the perfect solution for any business traveler that wants to stay classy. Always made right here in the USA, check out our FAQ for more details about us and our products, or contact us online to learn more.

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