Ordinary Airplane Blankets Just Don’t Cut It! Smart Blanket is the Smart Travel Throw Blanket Choice

Does this sound familiar to you? You are on the plane, it’s chilly…but, you are waiting for takeoff, so you think as soon as we are in the air, it will be more comfortable. So, you just take your scarf and drape it over your shoulders. This should be good….but no, it isn’t good, this little piece of cloth is not doing it for you! OK you are on the runway, taking off, you think, as soon as I can adjust the air I should be fine. Little did you know that you are not fine and it is still cool, no it is down right cold! So you ask the flight attendant for a blanket. A “blanket”? “We don’t have blankets anymore”.

What? Well, it’s probably a good thing….airline blankets are really not something you want to wrap around your body. Did you think they were cleaned after someone else used them? Well, sorry to tell you this, but no…they are not! They are just re-folded and then stuffed back into a plastic bag. That is, if you can get one these days.

This is exactly the reason that Smart Blanket came to be. Yon Chang the inventor of this very different blanket decided that she would come up with a travel blanket that didn’t have to be tugged and pulled at to stay on. It was a blanket that would not end up on the floor if you had to get up to let your seat mate out. The reason why it is so Smart is because it is a “wearable blanket”. It will keep the traveler comfortable and warm and very cozy and the most important part, healthy because of not using someone else’s blanket.

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