Ready for a Staycation?

Staycation luxury wearable blanket gift

2020 has been a tough year around the world, and each one of us has dealt with many changes to our lifestyles. Everyone is simply taking it a day-by-day. The unknown makes planning a trip or vacation very challenging or nearly impossible for some. Week after week, and month after month, many people find the added stress is starting to negatively impact their home and work life. How do we find some peace and rejuvenation? Staycation.

What is a “Staycation”?

It’s the newest slang for taking a vacation in your own home. Becoming ever more popular, a staycation, or holistay, is a period of time when an individual or a family stays home, or within a day trip distance of their home, and participates in similar activities that you would when on a traditional vacation. The key to having a staycation feel like a vacation is to break your routine, just like you would if you were away from home.

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Stop working, disconnect from emails, social media, etc., and plan an itinerary (as tightly or loosely scheduled as you prefer)!

After all that is occurring in the world today, if you find yourself feeling like you cannot even catch your breath these days, it’s time to plan and take a staycation. You may think it’s simple enough – Turn on the TV, veg out with some snacks, and binge your favorite shows or movies – but is that really a vacation? Or is that your normal Saturday night? It’s important that you break up your normal routine, and just like when you are out of town, try new experiences, even at home!

Staycation Ideas

Love the idea of taking a vacation at home, but you’re not really sure what to do? Here are the top 6 ideas to try on a staycation:

  1. Order takeout from a restaurant you’ve never tried before. Not just for the big city folk – for the small towners, go one town over and discover a new eatery, or if that’s not an option, pick your favorite restaurant and order something you’ve never tried before from their menu!
  2. Take an evening drive or bike ride with no destination in mind and explore town. Wandering is an excellent way to relieve stress. Head out the door with no particular goal in mind, and let the winds guide you (figuratively). Once you find a spot that piques your interest, stop and smell the roses (figuratively or literally depending on where you end up).
  3. Do a little shopping online for a souvenir. Do you need that? Absolutely not. Do you want it? Absolutely. Sounds like the perfect souvenir for a staycation!
  4. Get outside, rain or shine, and play! Keep it casual and care-free with a stroll with your significant other, or challenge the kids to a race to the end of the block. Whatever your mood, get out and get moving.
  5. Take photos and videos of each vacation day. By taking the time to capture the special little moments throughout your day, you’ll find yourself more aware of those special moments. They happen more often than you may realize!
  6. Treat yourself to some luxury and relaxation. It’s not a good vacation if you didn’t spend a little R&R time. Take a hot bath, an afternoon siesta, or dust off a good book, and let your cares drift away. Be sure to set the mood with soft lighting, and change up your home lounging position. Don’t just plop in your usual chair, instead try to switch sides on the sofa, curl up on your bed, or bring a chair outside and listen to nature. Whatever you find brings you peace, take a moment to set it up, and then enjoy it!

Ready. Set. Relax.

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