Travel Healthy, Airline trays are quite unsanitary; so Travel Smart, stay clean germs free & healthy travel

You are settled in and now it’s time for your snack! Whatever you do..DON’T PUT YOUR FOOD ON THAT TRAY!
Here’s Why!
1. Bacteria can survive on tray tables for days and even months?
2. The tray table that you planning on putting your snacks on are germier than your home toilet seat? Ohhhh nooo!
3. Some desperate mom have even been seen changing their babies on tray tables during their flights
4. Studies have shown tray tables are among the dirtiest surfaces on your flight.
5. It has been found that tray tables had high levels of mold and infection-causing staph.
6. Tray tables can also often contain cold viruses, human parainfluenza viruses, norovirus and a superbug that causes skin infections
This is definitely not the place you want to put your pretzels and drink on…is it?
OK time for some good news now…We have a great tray cover that will protect you from all of the germs that I have mentioned above, so the next flight you take, either make sure your tray is clean….or you could just take one of our covers with you and be sure. We want to keep you healthy and happy.