Valentine’s Day Circa 496 AD


Did you know that the first Valentine’s Day was in the year 496, yup…that’s a long, long time ago, and it’s still here! Amazing isn’t it? People are sending out cards and candy expressing their love. Family members are telling how much they mean to each other, and yes, some are trying to get away from the worries and cares of everyday life. How? They are traveling on Valentine’s Day. How great does that sound? Leaving what you normally do and just doing some fun things either for a weekend or if you are very lucky…longer. If you know someone that is planning on doing just this, or if you are the person that is going to hop on a plane and head to some wonderful destination, then here’s something to think about. We have all heard the horror stories about the cleanliness of the travel blankets that are handed out on a flight, it’s scary when you hear what people say about them and that they see them land on the floor when the person falls asleep. What is worse is that they are refolded and used for the next trip. Yuck! I know….that is not what I wanted to hear either. That’s why Smart Blanket is a must when traveling! It was voted the Best Travel Blanket by CNN. Smart Blanket is a great gift that is perfect for train travel, car and plane trips. It is compact and very wearable. It has a large front pocket for your phone, passport etc and one of the best things a foot warmer to keep your tootsies warm during the flight, and it will not mess your hair when putting it on; I know that’s something I think about all the time. You want to look good when you arrive. is a perfect gift for travel lovers and will make a unique gift This luxury travel blanket for your get-away trips. Smart Blanket will fit over the handle of your carry-on, so no worries about it slipping or falling while you run to the next connection. When you arrive at your destination, it is easy to pack and place back on your carry on the handle, and off you go! Everyone at Smart Blanket wishes your Valentine’s Day is filled with family, friends and happy travel moments that become your favorite lifetime memories.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Yon & the Smart Blanket family!