What Makes the Best Travel Blanket for the Holidays?

What Makes the Best Travel Blanket for the Holidays?

Are you travelling by planes, trains or automobiles for the holidays this year, and need to find the best travel blanket? Shared transportation is well-known for having it’s uncomfortable moments, from shared arm rests to coughing seatmates, travelling can really ruin a relaxing holiday. While not all of the unpleasant aspects of travel are in your control, some of these annoyances can be thwarted with a little planning ahead.

No one likes sitting on a hard, worn-out seat for hours at a time, or dealing with unseasonably cold temperatures (seriously, it could be July in Florida and airplane air conditioning would feel like it’s set to January in Canada). And who’s favorite part of travel is the lack of privacy or comfort while sardined with a couple dozen other grumpy passengers? No one.

So why would you travel like that when there is a better way?

It’s time to invest in a little bit of luxury and get rid of a lot of travel inconvenience. It’s time to get a travel blanket.

Travel blankets are certainly not unknown to consumers, but a high-quality travel blanket with multiple functions for comfort and ease-of-use may not be so. What often comes to mind is that familiar, slightly-rough and all-to-thin blanket with sleeves “as seen on TV” type travel blanket, but is that all that the market has to offer? Not at all.

So, what is a travel blanket? A travel blanket is a wearable blanket designed to be used while travelling, particularly in airplanes, trains, buses, and cars. It’s not uncommon to use travel blankets for local functions as well, such as staying warm in a chilly workplace office, or even while at home, sitting or lounging around. One of the biggest benefits of a travel blanket is the mobility it provides the wearer. Travel blankets should provide the same coverage and comfort of a regular blanket, but should allow the wearer to get up and walk around while keeping that same coverage, and allow their arms to be free as well. This is ideal when travelling as it allows the wearer to carry bags and suitcases, or easily use their handheld devices, all while remaining comfortable.

Here are three things to consider when shopping for the best travel blanket for yourself or as a gift this holiday season.

1. Quality and Durability

The best travel blankets are produced first with quality and durability in mind. A good-quality travel blanket should be made from a soft yet dependable material, and it should be machine washable (the blanket won’t do much good if it’s never clean enough to use!). It’s important that it’s not too thin or too thick leaving the wearer too cold, or to encumbered. Fleece is a favorite material choice for those very reasons. This material is typically lightweight, but great for heat retention. Fleece can vary in content and quality depending on the manufacturer.

It’s often said ‘you get what you pay for’ and travel blankets are no exception. Better-quality materials that are cut to a large enough size (to truly cover the wearer from head to toe) will come with a higher price tag, but the difference will be physically noticeably.

2. Best Added Features

A great travel blanket will offer more than just some holes for your arms, it should make your travel experiences easier and more comfortable. It should be easily worn and taken off, but stay on with no extra effort from the wearer. But it can be so much more than that. How about some additional pockets? A full privacy hood with ventilation? Detachable foot-warmer? Attachable to luggage?? Doubles as a pillow???

The best travel blanket should be multi-functional and provide a true feeling of luxury that enhances your travel experience. If the blanket doesn’t make travelling easier, it’s not the best travel blanket!

3. Positive User Reviews

User reviews can be shared for most any product on the market, and they are easily found through internet searches. It’s to the consumer’s benefit to do research before making any purchase online or in person. And while a company will almost always describe their product in a favorable manor, it may not inform the consumer of it’s flaws, leaving the uninformed purchasers with a lighter wallet, and a poor-quality product.

Product users are a great resource when deciding which travel blanket to purchase, and it’s best to find the reviews from users that have used the product for a longer time. It’s also important to be discerning when reading reviews. Some users may leave negative feedback for issues that are self-induced. As a general rule, read a mixture of positive, negative, and middle-of-the-road reviews for the best representation. With that said, a high-number of positive reviews with few to no negative reviews is most often a good sign when determining the overall quality of a product.

Happy Shopping!

Now that you are armed with the power of travel blanket knowledge, it’s time to shop! Take the time to compare and contrast features, prices, and reviews to ensure your gift is the best one given.

The Travel (Smart) Blanket

When demanding good quality, helpful features, and positive user feedback, finding the best travel blanket is easy. The Smart Blanket provides all these functions, features and more:

✓ Easy to use – zip open to remove the blanket, slip over your head, and place each arm through the arm openings
✓ Easy to pack – roll the blanket lightly from the top to put back into the attached blanket pouch, then zip up
✓ Foot-warmer – detachable blanket pouch doubles as a foot-warmer
✓ Privacy hood blocks light with a ventilation hole for easy breathing
✓ Large front pocket to warm hands and keep important items close
✓ Side handle and pocket on packed blanket for easy portability
✓ Use it as a pillow – for sleep, lumbar support or tablet support
✓ Slip-on design – stays in place while seated or in motion
✓ 100% premium polyester fleece – fire retardant and machine washable, tumble dry
✓ Made in the U.S.A.

Check out our travel blanket in our shop, or read some of our reviews online to learn more about the best travel blanket on the market.